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Post run-off conditions 6/20/2016

By June 20, 2016Uncategorized
                   Post run-off conditions are emerging

Rivers are on there way down and becoming fishable again.  As the days are getting warmer look for summer hatches and good dry fly action. Still waters have been fishing great as well with hatches emerging there regularly.
Fishable waters as of 6/20/16
A- Section
Flows have come down on the Tarryall and should provide great fishing on A-8,10,21. Fourmile Creek A-2 is at optimal flows. Michigan creek A-12,14 is a little high today but has been in the fishable range for close to a week. Lake Fork A-4 has been fishing lights out. Clear Creek looks to be coming down and should be fishable soon. A-19 Big Thompson has been fishable but check with us for current flows as they have fluctuated. Still waters are fishing great A-5,15,18.
The waters in this area are still a little high but should be more fishable in the coming weeks. Upper Conejos B-37 should be more fishable in the coming days.
North Park is starting to open up will great conditions on the North Fork C-61,62. Michigan River is coming down and should be looking good soon. C-57 is clear and fishing great, other Steamboat properties are a little high still but coming down. The Colorado and Fraser are still high but Ranch Creek C-45 is close to fishable flows. C-60 Ginnanettis has been receiving some great reports as of late. Great Donaldsson rainbow action at Whistling Elk C-52.
The Little Laramie is still to high to fish.

Conditions are getting better everyday, check with us for latest conditions and recommendations.