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Lower Michigan River and Pond C-68

Description: The Moose River Ranch contains two miles of the 15-30 foot wide Michigan River, plus a secluded pond full of nice Rainbows. Browns make up the majority of the fish population on this lease, but some fine rainbows can also be caught. Most fish run 10-14 inches, but a skilled angler has a good chance of catching some 20 inches and longer.

Location: This property is located about 8 miles north of Gould in North Park.

Capacity: Limited to 2 anglers per day.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

I fished the Michigan River on July 11th. The stream is at an ideal level - very clear and easy to wade. There was a good amount of insect activity. Caddis, Grasshoppers, and May flies were all present. Although I fished just the afternoon, I caught twenty fish ranging in size from eight to sixteen inches. I had some success using small nymphs in the deeper holes but, almost all of the fish were taken on the surface using an Peacock Caddis, Adams, and Grasshoppers. ~ Ron K -- July 15th, 2013

The front that came through over night brought temps in North Park down into the mid 30's. Even though the water was low, we were able to fish into afternoon. We arrived on the river at 9 a.m. with the water temp at 58 degrees. There was no action on top and few bugs to be seen. We started with hopper dropper and fished for over an hour with no luck. After switching and allowing the water to warm a bit the fishing heated up. Most of the action for the day was on top. My guest caught everything on a s16 Yellow Humpy. I on a s12 H & L Variant with a Pink San Juan Worm dropper. The turned out to be typical Michigan River fishing. There were periods of time where the fish would move into the tails of riffles and feed agressively. Then for no reason they would shut off. This happened several times during the day. In all we caught at least a dozen fish each missing or losing many others. Most of the fish were browns in the 10 to 15 inch range, however we also netted a couple of rainbows each. We tied for largest fish of the day, both being a 20" rainbow. It was a great day of fishing. The temperature in North Park topped out about 71 degrees and the water temp rose to 65 degrees at 3 p.m. It all made for pretty good timing as we had reached the property boundary and we were ready to call it quits for the day. ~ Vic Walker -- August 6th, 2012

Clear day, 70's, water at 35 cfs. Caught about 15-16, missed a few more. Most of the best fish were in the first 100 years from the parking space, and frankly I was surprised that it wasn't more active. Best fishing was from 10:30-1p, but fish were around the whole day. Most took a dropper, either a red copper john, prince nymph, or later in the day a rabbit's ear seemed to work. Very lovely property, good water and other than the endless turns driving up/down Cameron Pass, a great trip. ~ Steve Fitzgerald -- October 2nd, 2011

Caught C68 on just about the perfect day... partly cloudy w/ a little rain, flow right around 50cfs. Fished with my 13 yr. old son and his 11 yr. old buddy. We all caught some nice fish including a fat 19 inch rainbow on our first cast. Hopper and dropper rigs were effective w/ most of the fish taking a bead head nymph of some sort... copper john, prince, hare's ear, and pheasant tail were all productive. The exciting part was that several large fish made aggressive strikes on the surface fly... landed two 20+ inch rainbows that attacked the Charlie Boy Hopper (tan). A great day that produced approx. 2 dozen browns and rainbows. ~ BH -- September 7th, 2011

Note: This report came from an RMAC member. The Michigan was high and a little murky on August 22nd. It looked much like I would expect it to look in mid June! When I began fishing at 9:00AM, there wasn't any insect activity that I could see so I tried several nymphs at various levels, all with no success. I finally tried a black Woolly Bugger and on my first cast caught a nice brown of about two pounds. I threw the Bugger back in the same hole and immediately caught another brown. This one was at least three pounds or better. These fish must be eating well this season as both of the browns had big stomachs and were very strong! I fished the Bugger until midday catching several more fish, browns and rainbows, 12 to 15 inches in size. I didn't resume fishing until about 5:00PM. I tried the Bugger again, but had no strikes whatsoever. There was some surface activity so I tried a #16 Elk Hair Caddis and caught around a dozen. All were small except for one rainbow of about 15 inches. ~ Jimmy (RMAC staff) -- August 28th, 2011

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