C-57 Yampa River/Catamount

By July 21, 2013

Yampa River Below Catamount C-57

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Location: The ranch is located about 4 miles southeast of Steamboat Springs.

Capacity: Limited to 3 anglers or 4 if all in one group.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes: Landowner requires 1 week cancellation notice.

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

Fished great even though warmer water conditions. Fished deep holes with split shot and deeper runs. Most fish took burgundy worms and trico nymphs. Also a few on trico adults on the surface. Best fishing is early and late. For most recent conditions contact RMAC office or Steamboat Fly Fishers ~ Wes -- August 17th, 2016

Beautiful ranch property. Water was low warm weather and water so fishing was slow caught 7 fish between 14-20 inches all below the surface 12-18 inches on the drop. Would like to go back in the early to late spring ~ Bill Mark -- August 4th, 2016

Great property - a must fish. Fished from 9am-2pm and then 5-9pm. The lower half of the property was great in the morning - and was able to fish a Dave's Hopper in the seams and hard against the banks to get great rainbows and browns of 16-21+". The upper half was better in the evening than the morning. Caddis and trico hatch between 8-9 pm brought large fish up to feeding lanes. overall - great day with 20+ fish landed. ~ Paul W -- July 23rd, 2016

What an amazing day on the Yampa. This property is beautiful, and the water is terrific. Thanks to the landowners for sharing this gem with us. Fished from 8am - 5:30pm and didn't even cover half the water. So many big fish in every location, it was hard to move. Per the locals, and my experience on this day, the Yampa is approaching perfection this week. Flows are just getting down to perfect, and the bug activity is unreal. I'm an avid nymph fisherman, but no nymphs needed on this day. Spent the whole day fishing big dries (yellow sallies and drakes) to very big fish. ~ Keith Tucker -- June 30th, 2016

Tight lipped day on 57. Snowshoe trek to river through 2-4feet of snow. Beautiful day in upper 50's. Tried every combination of nymph rig to no avail. Midges, little black stoneflies and small mayflies present. Found right fly after lunch with a small black bugger or thin mint fished slow. Three guys, seven fish total, three bows and four brown. Largest brown a beautiful 23 inch buck. Owners reported previous two days had seen fishermen and shop reports fishing on property since Feb. Saw only old redds, but river clear with good wading flows. ~ Dentalboy -- March 14th, 2016

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