C-49 Crystal River

By July 21, 2013

Crystal River at Redstone C-49

Description: The Club's mile and half of the Crystal lies directly upstream of the historic Red Stone Inn. The river here is 40-60 feet wide, containing brown, brooks, cutthroat, and many rainbows. Situated along the Crysal River and Kline Creek is a home belong to one of the landowner's that is available to Club members. Click on the VRBO link and enter Property ID# 296073 for additional information.

Location: This property is located 18 miles south of Carbondale in Redstone.

Capacity: Limited to 4 anglers.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

EPIC Day. 30+ fish day – lost count around noon at 24 fish, 15+ 18” or greater. I got tired of taking pictures… On the water at 8:00am, cool around 40 degrees and started catching fish on the second cast. Worked from the bridge up to the Castle, about half the fish on again (last year) Pat’s Rubber Legs, the rest distributed on Pheasant Tails and JuJu’s. On the way back decided to throw streamers small white with a second green/black chaser. Fish caught was a combination of Rainbows, RM White Fish, a few Cutthroats and a few Browns. I ended the day around 4pm. ~ George Schmidt -- October 11th, 2015

Heaven must be like this. I checked in at the Redstone Inn, got my badge and had breakfast there. I starting fishing about 9:00. The water was too fast to wade (about 215 cfs) at the bridge so I walked up the road a short distance and bush-wacked to the rivers edge. Starting with a Double Standard and a BWO nymph, I caught a 12" bow then a 17" (+/-) in the very first run. After the sun rose higher I found fish in nearly every bend, run and riffle. Most were taken with a Copper John with an egg dropper. Any color egg worked as did SJ worms. I had to leave shortly after noon to attend a wedding but, in covering about 1/3 of the river, I caught 30+ bows, none under 10" and a few over 20". What a great day! ~ Larry G -- August 4th, 2015

If no fish were caught here, the scenery is worth getting on the water. However, that was not the case.Slightly stained water from run off had things so visibility was lower. A couple of hours late morning with beadhead pheasant tails with some flash netted good size Rainbows 15-19" from a hole before water turned to chocolate. Short day here. ~ john Naill -- September 24th, 2013

Water conditions low... weather nearly ideal, temps in the high 50s, partly cloudy with an occasional rain/slush storm. 2 anglers landed 20 + fish ranging from "dinks" up to 20 inches. Mostly rainbows but we also caught a couple of small brown trout and 2 white fish. Effective flies were Orange Stimulator & flying ant on top, Purple Prince Nymph and Hare's Ear on the dropper. Several of the larger rainbows were landed on a Slumpbuster streamer. Highlight of the day was a simultaneous hook-up in the west pond near the middle parking area... both rainbows were 19 inchers. Great day on the Crystal River! ~ BH -- September 20th, 2012

A Torrential rain storm and mudslides the previous night left the river downstream of Redstone muddy and unfishable. Personnel at the Redstone Inn thought the club property may be in the same condition and recommended I check it before I started fishing. I started walking down to the river from the downstream parking lot and startled a black bear which was under a large pine tree. He took off upstream and into the woods. The river was chalky looking but not muddy. I fished from 8:30 to 5:30 and caught six rainbows in the 12 to 18 inch range and two 8 inch browns. I used BH Prince , BH Pheasant tail , egg patterns and Red San Juan worm patterns. This is a very nice property. I look forward to coming back next year. ~ Doc -- September 14th, 2012

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