C-43 Fraser River

By December 16, 2013

Fraser River C-43

Description: This 15- to 30 foot wide section of the Fraser River encompasses a mile and a quarter of pocket water, deep bend pools and long slicks at the end of riffles. It is known to produce big rainbows, browns and the occasional brookie. Every known major western hatch is known to take place on the Fraser.

Location: Located just north of Fraser, Colorado off of Hwy. 40 and County Road 8.

Capacity: 2 anglers or more if in one group

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

Fished on a cloudless day with the flows getting low. Fish were harder to find than earlier in the summer and lots of the riffles now too shallow to hold fish. Fish were either very tight to the bank or in the deeper pools, although caught a 17" rainbow in about a 12" deep riffle. Nothing hatching but occasional takes on caddis patterns with most of the fish taking the dropper, #18 red or green cj or hares ear. Fished to the top of the property and then changed to a small streamer on the way back down and caught about a half dozen on the streamer, typically within an inch or two of the bank. Overall about a 15 fish day, slower than prior visit but still lots of fun. ~ ken cohen -- August 29th, 2015

Due to repaving at Berthoud Pass I did not start fishing till around 11:30. I went upstream and fished to the top of the property. It was bright and sunny but I still caught plenty of small Browns and Brooks, mostly on Caddis dries. I fished the upper pond which was full of rising, eager to please, acrobatic 8-9" rainbows. A #18 red beadhead midge under a #12 Adams Para did the trick, with a slow retrieve. After a late lunch went downstream. the last fish of the day was an 18" rainbow in an impossible lie - I got lucky! Two warnings: the stream bottom is incredibly slippery with cleated felt boots a necessity, and there are longhorn cattle wandering about. The cattle did not bother me, but I did not get close to them either. Lots of water to fish here, lots of bank sippers too. Stayed overnight in Fraser so I could fish C45 the next day. See my entry on that. ~ Bob Hesse -- August 28th, 2015

beautiful morning, flows are getting a bit low, about 40 cfs so fish were concentrated in the deeper riffles and bend pools and occasionally tight to the bank. Fish were rising sporadically to caddis in the riffles. Spotty for the first 90 minutes with lots of dry refusals on numerous caddis patterns. Then dialed in to a #16 orange stimmie with a #18 red cj dropper. Fish were taking regularly after that, about 2/3 dropper, 1/3 dry. Size was anywhere from 6"-17" with the largest fish being browns tight to the bank in the deeper areas. Was looking for that cutthroat all day to complete a grand slam but no luck. Got stormed off the river at 1:30 with about 25 fish landed. Great day on the Fraser. ~ ken cohen -- August 17th, 2015

(this is for C42, not the Fraser, but not yet listed) Fished C42, the new Colorado River property for the first time. Described as a mile, but fishes much longer than that. There was a group of 3 other anglers there and I saw them only a few times during the day. The club description says it's a sowbug river (didn't read that until the parking area). Looked in my nymph box and lo and behold, there they were from an old Pat Dorsey fly of the month program, hiding next to the scuds. Caught about a half dozen on sowbugs in the first nymph run, across from the downstream fence-step. Sow bugs then shut off and caught fish sporadically the rest of the day on the usual suspects, prince nymphs, #16 green cj's and hares ears. The last half hour changed to a streamer and caught another three at the tail end of the nymph runs. Mosquitos were moderate, navigation was easy, great property. ~ ken cohen -- August 17th, 2015

This was my first time fishing this property. Flows were probably around 80 cfs?, and looked great. No wind, sunny morning with some partly cloudy skies on and off throughout afternoon. Fished from 8-4:30. Started off fishing streamers from the upstream side of the property and fished down. No takers, switched to hopper/san juan worm and started picking up some fish on both. Morning was a little rough, barbed wire tear in my waders and lost my net (although later recovered downstream in afternoon!). Fished the lower end of property after lunch and they really switched over to san juan worms. PMD’s were coming off too but minimal risers. Overall I probably landed 20+ fish between 8-16”. Good mix of browns and rainbows. Good day overall for the property but my expectations were a little higher for a few bigger fish. ~ R Hood -- July 29th, 2014

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