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A-9 Fourmile Creek near Cripple Creek

Description: Located between the towns of Cripple Creek and Canon City, Fourmile Creek runs through a scenic gorge called Helena Canyon. This 10- to 15-foot wide stream is a unique wild brown trout fishery often available to our members 12 months a year. The browns, along with a few rainbows, average around 12 inches although some larger trout reach 16 to 18 inches. Dry fly fishing in February is a real possibility on Fourmile Creek.

Location: 16 miles north of Canon City or 8 miles south of Cripple Creek

Capacity: 2 anglers

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

The setting and scenery at this property is great and feels quite remote. After spending the Spring primarily fishing the Arkansas, a return to small creek fishing felt very different but also refreshing. We enjoyed early season dry fly fishing on this property under clear skies and 60 degree temps. It's so much fun to see decent sized trout come out of tiny water to slam a dry fly. The RMAC description recommends 3-4 weight rods, but if I had a 1 or 2 wt, I would have fished it. We fished typical mayfly dries and I also fished some soft hackles. We were not fishing particularly hard on this day and brought about a dozen fish to the net, all between 8 and 12 inches. There is some bushwacking and stream crossing required to fish downstream of the road - but none of it treacherous unless you are the tip of my 3wt. ~ Matt Kryman -- April 15th, 2016

First time fishing this property. Fished upstream from the bridge. More than 30 fish in 3 hours or so. Dry dropper with stimulator or beetle on top and basic bead head pheasant tail was very effective. Fish were 6-12 inches. Creek has full willows on either side so now is a great time to fish before the leaves are out on the willows. The drive down to the stream from Cripple Creek and the canyon itself would be worth the trip even if the fishing was not great. Not a spot for novices as the willows give you about a six foot casting window from midstream. ~ Mike Narkewicz -- March 6th, 2016

Two of us fished the upper lease, knowing there would be less action--five browns but one 16" and another 14" then ranging down to 10". Small grasshoppers were jumping everywhere in the walk to the water. We enjoyed ourselves viewing the remote and remarkable scenery on the drive in and on the creek itself. At 13cfs, reported, the water levels were about ideal, lapping right up to the shorelines. We tried the purple Adams, Zebra midge, beatis emergers, Juju midge (purple and black), yellow micro simulator, grasshopper, chartreuse copper john and the same color larva, ~ Gene -- June 17th, 2014

Perfect Colorado spring day. Arrived at property about 8:30 and fished upstream in the am, downstream in the pm. Did not see any real hatches (hoping for caddis- it was warm enough). Saw a few BWO's, a couple of egg layer caddis, and quite a few midges but very few fish up and nothing to call a real hatch. Most fish on black zebra and/or dark juju midge behind an attractor on a dry/dropper rig. Interestingly enough, they seemed to want purple for the dry (again, bright/sunny conditions) I only tied that on because it was in my hat and figured it wouldn't be eaten but.... Only about one in six or seven ate the dry. I switched that out after the first one did eat it and they stopped, put purple back on and bingo! Go figure. Stopped counting in the mid thirties. All browns from 5-13" and most with good girth seemingly wintering over well. Did see 2 rattle snakes and several garter/water snakes. Keep your eyes open as it could be a pretty good walk/hike back out from the lower section if you had a problem. ~ Gerry -- May 5th, 2014

First time fishing this property. Spectacular scenery !! The water was low and muddy with a lot of moss. Looked like there had been a pretty heavy rain storm earlier in the week. Part of the RMAC parking area next to the bridge was washed away. I caught 10 browns in the 6-8 inch range in four hours mainly along the stream adjacent to the road. I uesd a #12 Stimulator with a #16 red copper john trailer. Most hit the copper john. I started fishing upstream from the bridge and encountered a large beaver dam about 50 yards from the road. That may be why the downstream section is so low. The upstream section was filled with high water bank to bank and impossible to get through the willows on the bank so I didn't pursue this section. Storm clouds were starting to build so I didn't go to deep into the canyon but it was low and mossy the areas I did see. There are a lot of aggressive fish in this stream. I caought 10, missed another 10 and spooked probably 10 more. Lots of potential there under the right conditions. ~ Walt Jaakkola -- July 5th, 2013

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