A-8 Tarryall Creek

By July 21, 2013

Tarryall Creek A-8

Description: An outstanding 4-mile section beginning just below the outlet of Tarryall Reservoir. The property offers rocky pocket water to a winding meadow stream. Throughout are browns and rainbows in the 10 to 14 inch size, and some even larger. A good dryfly stream with intense summer hatches and consistent clear flows.

Location: The ranch is located along County Road 77, 18 miles southeast of Hwy. 285 at Jefferson and 22 miles northwest of the CR 77 juncture with Hwy. 24.

Capacity: Limited to 3 anglers, or 2 groups of 2 each.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

Beautiful warm day in March. Very skinny water (7-8 cfs) and spooky fish. Long cast and stealth needed. Early in the day it was cold and fish were in the few deep areas. Wooly worm and Hares ear nymphs. As day warmed fish moved to faster water and dry dropper (dry served mainly as indicator but 2 fish hit the hoppers on top) with small pheasant tail and midges worked. Two people totaled about 20 fish from 9-5 PM. ~ Mike Narkewicz -- March 19th, 2017

Fished A8 on a bright sunny very windy day in South Park. Started slow but picked up at ~10:30. Small foam hopper (tan with green body, size 10 or 12) with bead head Barr's emerger was the ticket. 15 or so fish, 3/4 rainbows 14-18 inches and smaler browns. Watched a pike eat an 8 in trout in a pool. Told it mid body and shook it violently. Tried streamers, probably to sunny, many chases on olive slump buster. Looks like flow dropped recently as bank was wet. Only fished the upper section. ~ Mike Narkewicz -- October 16th, 2016

Good day on A-8 - Very cold in am but warmed up . Water fairly low and fish spooky. No real risers all day. Don't count fish but guess 15-18 total. Several on dropper under hopper. Green CJ and small midge. 10-15 inch most bow but couple of browns to 12"- Larger fish on lower section 7-8 bows 16-20" on egg sucking leach. nice hard fighting bows. Also one Pike at 24'- Missed a few larger bows and saw a ton of fish. As always on A8 stay as far away from bank as possible. ~ Bill J -- September 13th, 2016

Really fun day at A-8, we arrived at 9:00 am to a massive Caddis and BWO hatch. We parked at the main parking lot and walked down to the first couple bends. There were plenty of browns eating off the surface, we caught three or four right away. We then moved along the river towards the top section and got a couple 18-20" Bows. The first one hit a tan body chubby, he saw it coming down the run and came up and nailed it. Great fight and a really nice fish. As the day heated up activity slowed down, I got a few on the banks with a midge. As we moved up to the skinnier, faster water my partner and I both hooked into really good sized bows, 18-20". They both hit the Zebra midge on the first cast. The flows were definitely lower, the top section by the damn was really low but we did get a couple of small brownies at the end of the day. ~ Brad Rettig -- August 17th, 2016

The day started out slow. Flows dropped from 50s to high 20s the day before I fished. Hatch of small mayflies at about 9 AM. Switched to terrestials with a beetle and ant and landed 12 fish by 1:30 with the largest a 21" rainbow. A couple on small blue wing dry, rest on beetle and the ant. Best part of the day was a bighorn sheep that talked to me from atop the stone hill on the upper section early in the AM. Most fish were off riffles on shelves or very tight to the bank. Long casts were the most successful with spooky fish. 38 degrees at 8 AM and bonus was no mosquitoes. ~ Mike Narkewicz -- August 15th, 2016

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