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Tarryall Creek A-7

Description: Four plus miles of Upper Tarryall Creek, averaging 10 feet in width. Endless bends and runs with deep holes, cutbanks and beaver ponds with excellent cover. Browns are dominant and range to over 16 inches. Easy stream to fish with dries. A tremendous fish population for its size. Great for kids

Location: The ranch is located east of Hwy. 285, south of the town of Jefferson and north of Fairplay in South Park. There are two parking areas off two different county roads servicing the upper and lower sections.

Capacity: Limited to 4 anglers.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

This place is teeming with samll/medium browns. Took a couple novice anglers, as this is a great place to get new anglers used to casting in a small river. Strong bite starting about 9am, and just about anything dry or emerging, which petered out by the time the storms came at about 3pm. Stealthy angler with a good cast can catch a fish in every bend. Beginners caught a handful each. We found one pretty brook trout and saw flashes of some large browns (maybe a rainbow or two?). If you go focused on bigger fish with a deep dropper or streamer you might find them. ~ M. Murphy -- July 10th, 2017

Very productive day on one of my favorite RMAC properties. My brother and I fished from about noon until a little after sundown (wanted to let the Labor Day traffic clear out). A little windy but not bad for South Park. Pretty much everything we threw worked, some just better than others. Started with a Dave's Hopper that was very productive, and was big enough so the little fingerlings usually missed. Switched to a foam hopper for a while after I lost the Dave's, and that was OK. After a while tried a #16 caddis and caught quite a few -- including some puny ones. Tried a leech and a pheasant tail, both of which worked. At about 4, switched to a PMX, and the next hour was great. Caught plenty in the 8-10 inch ranch, but also quite a few 10-12", a couple of 13", a couple 15" & a 16". And, a ton of 3-4 inchers. Action really did slow down after about 5, but I got an aggressive take (which I missed, dang it) from a giant with a mouse pattern during that time. All fish were browns; water was pretty low. ~ Jeff Downing -- September 6th, 2016

Great day. Fished from lower parking area with brother, nephew (18) and son (15). Morning was a little slow at bottom part of ranch. They left around 3pm and I stayed till 5pm. We rocked after lunch - especially above the ladder over the fence, through the willow section and up to the beaver ponds. Great hatch of small caddis and yellow sallies. Fished mostly dries all afternoon and got 20-30 fish with a fat 18" rainbow and browns with bulging stomachs between 6-18". size 12 caddis did the trick for me in the afternoon , and brother used #12 prince in the morning with success. great views and nice fish. late afternoon lightening drove me off the property. ~ Paul Westerhoff -- July 8th, 2016

Pretty good day at A-7. We parked at the lower lot and walked to the downstream boundary. We were skeptical because the water was the color of chocolate milk and moving fast. Flows were about max for this property ~55 cfs. But, pink was the color of the day! There were three of us and we all had success on pink san juan worms, pink sowbugs and baetis. You really had to pick your spots to have any chance, up against the banks in the slower moving water is where we had success. We caught 7 browns 8-13 inches, it was a ton of fun and a really pretty property. ~ Brad Rettig -- June 6th, 2016

This was my first visit to A-7 and I loved it. Probably caught 20 fish in less than 3 hours. Started at lower fence below lower parking area and worked upstream to the next fence. Started with stimulator trailing purple BH prince and RS2, which I cut off after slapping myself in the face with a couple 2-inch fry. No need to change rig after that as fish eagerly hit both the dry and dropper. My 3-wt. glass rod was perfect for this water. Largest fish caught were 12-14 inches. Got to the river around 10 and takes were pretty much non-stop until mid-day sun heated up. Left early to beat Sunday traffic, but was rewarded with bull moose siting just past the Kenosha Pass summit. ~ Kathy Kanda -- August 31st, 2015

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