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Description: There are two distinct fishing opportunities at SDR. Approximately three quarters of a mile on the Big Thompson offering a free-stone environment for brown and rainbow trout located on the main property and a spring fed lake, “Mother Lake”, renowned for trophy rainbows as well as “Big Lake”, a warm water lake with excellent largemouth bass. Both lakes are located a short drive from the main Ranch in the “Big Valley”. For the river, 8-9 ft. 4 or 5 wt. rods are ideal and can easily be waded early and later in the season with hip boots but chest waders should be used in the late spring and early summer due to run-off induced increased flows. Being a free- stone river, the fish aren’t super selective and are more presentation conscious than pattern specific. Caddis and stone flies will be found in the riffles mostly and mayflies in the slower pools. Attractor drys and nymphs all produce about anywhere and in the lower section there a number of deep pools that demand streamers for larger fish. In the Big Valley, Mother Lake is spring fed and the fish can be quite selective at times. Midges, callibaetis, damsels and dragon flies can produce some amazing dry fly fishing as well as terrestrial beetles, ants and hoppers during the summer. Streamers, leech and crawfish patterns from a float tube can make your day but don’t forget suspended nymphs below a strike indicator when the sun gets high in the sky. There is an outhouse and picnic table available at the parking area by the “guide shed”. Float tubes are recommended and there is a ramp for easy access on the North-West corner. 5- 7 wt. rods, a variety of floating, sink tip or sinking lines are standard as usual on lakes with larger than average fish. Big Lake in the Big Valley contains average to large largemouth bass and surface poppers or bass sized streamers on a 7 or 8 wt. from a float tube is recommended. There is a float tube ramp on the South shoreline for easy access or a put in spot on the East shore by the parking area


Capacity: 4 anglers for Mother/ Big Lake A-13

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes: Adult $90/day Ages 13 to 17 $67.50/day 12 and under No charge Afternoon 25% discount 25% discount 1/2 day River 1/2 day Lakes $100.00


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