Gianinetti Spring Creeks, Roaring Fork, Ponds C-60

Description: The Gianinetti Ranch serves RMAC members a full plate of flyfishing choices. Two miles of intimate spring creeks, three-quarters of a mile of the broad Roaring Fork River, and two spring-fed ponds add up to make this one of the premier flyfishing properties in Colorado.

Location: This property is located just outside of Carbondale, about 12 miles southeast of Glenwood Springs.

Capacity: Limited to 4 anglers. Up to 6 anglers permitted if in one group.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

My nephew and I had an enjoyable day on the creeks and the river. No hatches to speak of on the creeks but be both caught plenty of fish on hopper-dropper rigs and streamers. Weeds were high, so we focused on the deeper pools. Despite prolific caddis hatch, and what appeared to be large baetis (too small for drakes I think, perhaps flavs.), no rising fish on either the river. We had some surface success blind casting, but most fish caught on the river with caddis and stonefly nymphs. The river fish will challenge your three weight used on the creek. An all around good day. Rainbows, browns and one cutt up to perhaps 17". ~ Ben C -- July 28th, 2014

JoBo (member) and I arrived at the Gianetti around 9am and fished till about 6pm, clear morning with an hour of rain in late afternoon. I focused on the count with a first time 9’ Bamboo Rod – boy is that a soft play, while Joe focused on looking for slabs. Joe used various streamer (used Wooley’s to 4”-5” ugly streamers) rigs most of the day while I used a hopper dropper (Amy’s Ant, purple worm, purple midge and blue copper john). Joe hooked into several big slabs that had a nasty tendency to steal is 3X rig, but was able to land a few fish. I on the other hand had a near or better than 30 fish day, hooking them on all three levels – Hopper, worm and midge. Felt like every cast almost. (Posted some of the pictures to Facebook). ~ George Schmidt -- June 20th, 2014

Fished this tract a couple of times last year and had great luck. Fished the afternoon today and it proved to be much tougher. Weather was mostly sunny, 72 degrees and breezy bordering on windy. The flow stayed perfect all afternoon. Told by Alpine Anglers that red was the color so started fishing a stimy chasing a red copper john. Caught one small brown on each while thrashing the water for almost an hour but could not get anything else to move. That's the way the day ending up going. I caught about 6 fish and no two on the same fly pattern (prince, RS2, hares ear, streamer). Exhausted my fly box and my tying patience to no avail. The upper half of the stream had about 250 head of cattle on it which may have impacted things. Unlike past experiences I saw / spooked no fish as I moved upstream. Caught a couple in the lower pond while headed out. ~ MountainMoose -- May 29th, 2014

It is always a tough proposition to go fishing when a winter storm watch is in effect but my friend Tim and I decided to give it a try nonetheless. We started fishing around 8:30am and focused our entire morning on the spring creeks. At over 800cfs and dirty, the Roaring Fork was off limits. We tried a number of streamers and nymphs but red and pink worms were the ticket that morning. We quickly got into double digits, with the vast majority of fish being rainbows. The weather turned on us early afternoon and we decided to call it good. Short but sweet. Please note that the fly shop does not open till 9am on Sundays, so starting earlier than that is an issue as you need to collect a badge. ~ Fabrice F. -- May 2nd, 2014

Joe (Member) and I fished from 10am to 5pm. Day was overcast and up to 50 degrees. We started by working the spring creeks with streamers all the way up to property line. We caught 3 apiece (nice German browns and 2 nice cutthroats) on the way up. We also noticed on way up a small hatch, but fish were not rising to it so figured emerges and floaters for the return . Joe and I changed our rigs to triple nymph rigs, brown worms, hairs ears and princes, than 22 midges set 4ft for the deep holes for the return trip. We caught another 10+ fish on way back. I caught 6 straight small browns and rainbows 4”-8” and three nice rainbows, good to see future generations in the creeks. Joe caught a monster 22”+ brown near the road. Then we focused on the two ponds, the pond by the road is very low a mud whole, looks as if no fish would be in it. NOT! Joe and I pulled at least 10 very nice rainbow, browns and cutthroats out of it. They like the worms and caught a few on the smaller stuff. The big bond we fished near the two tubes, I caught a couple of cut-bows. The winds started to get ugly so called it a day. A great day I think. I’ll post a few photo’s on clubs facebook page. ~ George Schmidt -- March 18th, 2014

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