Yampa River Below Catamount C-57

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Location: The ranch is located about 4 miles southeast of Steamboat Springs.

Capacity: Limited to 3 anglers or 4 if all in one group.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes: Landowner requires 1 week cancellation notice.

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

The Holloran Ranch has to be one of the best properties in the Club. I spent about 1/2 hour with the Holloran's (fantastic people) on this trip talking about the great fishing and the stream improvements going on, on the Yampa. Fishing again seemed slow, George and I both did a lot of dry fly fishing. I caught two fish in the 20 inch range on hopper pattern. George caught several smaller browns on copper john and san juan worms. There was a brief BWO hatch - size 20-22, had several takes on some large risers but lost them, really difficult fishing as these fish were feeding from the eddies, and there were a dense number of flies on the water. ~ Joe bo -- September 3rd, 2014

My fishing buddy John and I arrived at the property around 8:30am in the morning. Beautiful blue sky and about 50 degrees. Heavy rain from the day before pushed the water to almost 300cfs. It was 150cfs just a few days earlier. Water color was perfect, 54 degrees. We decided to try large streamers in natural colors: black, brown, olive. We worked our way up to the upper end of the property in the morning and netted a half dozen large fish. Around 10am we witnessed a thick trico hatch but no fish came to the surface. Lunch brought about a lull we had been warned about. Sadly it persisted well through the middle of the afternoon. We finally had a little action later in the afternoon as a small caddis hatch came about and caught a few fish on top. This property is truly exceptional as it is pristine. The river is essentially fenced in so that no cattle can access it. Shoreline is intact with tall grass and abundant insects and frogs. Fish are not numerous but exceptionally large. Fantastic day on the river! ~ Fabrice -- August 22nd, 2014

Morning trico hatch had fish feeding so Dries and Hopper Droppers brought many takes,nettings, and losses of some really quality fish. Different areas called for nymphing also. Water was clear, and little wind with bright sun kept fish spooky, but nice size Browns and Rainbows cooperated. This water produced the largest fish missed. Super place. ~ john Naill -- September 24th, 2013

Heard about the Halloran Ranch from guys at the Steamboat Fly Shop. Quickly made a reservation and very happy we did. They also recommended a red-bodies, copper wrapped prince nymph, which on my second cast hooked a 20"+ rainbow with the largest head I can remenber on a trout. Auspicious beginning. Very little to no visible surface feeding but if you worked into position for a long drift over the right lie fish would rise. Even then many refusals. Worked upstream, both sides of the river. Windy most of the day. Fish came equally to nymphs and dries, with princes and pmds most successful. The quality of this fishery cannot be understated. The size and strength of the fish reinforced my decision to use a 6 wt. Mix of browns and rainbows, one each over 20". This is a wonderful resource. Thanks to Suzie and Michael for their conservancy. ~ GR -- June 21st, 2013

A warm blue bird day with no a cloud in sight. Probably not the best conditions, but better than a week ago. The water temp was 58 degrees when we started. There were clouds of midges all day all over the river. As usual this property is a challenge. The fish are big and usually picky. I thought the three of us had decent success given the conditions. In all we caught 8 fish and lost a few others. We tried a lot of different patterns but seemed to have the most success on s8 black stone followed by a drowned trico spinner. There were a couple of fish hooked on a zebra midge emerger and a couple on streamers. If I were to fish there tomorrow, I'd start with the stone fly and follow it up with the mide in the morning and switch to the trico about lunch. I had what would have been the largest fish of the day on a streamer. He was well over 20". Of the fish we landed, 3 went 20". The rest were over 16" except for a surprise 15" brookie. We quit fishing in the late afternoon when the water temp hit 65. I saw 3 dead rainbows through out the day. They looked to have died a few days earlier. Probably when the flow was around 70cfs and the weather was warmer. Please remember to respect the fish if it gets too hot. ~ Vic Walker -- August 27th, 2012

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