Tarryall Creek A-8

Description: An outstanding 4-mile section beginning just below the outlet of Tarryall Reservoir. The property offers rocky pocket water to a winding meadow stream. Throughout are browns and rainbows in the 10 to 14 inch size, and some even larger. A good dryfly stream with intense summer hatches and consistent clear flows.

Location: The ranch is located along County Road 77, 18 miles southeast of Hwy. 285 at Jefferson and 22 miles northwest of the CR 77 juncture with Hwy. 24.

Capacity: Limited to 3 anglers, or 2 groups of 2 each.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

Great day on A8. Upper section sight fished to risers. Primarly amy's ant and small BWO patterns. 2 20" rainbows to net among the many fish caught. Only one brown. Large herd of Bighorn sheep by the river on the upper section just watched us fish. Lower section mainly stone flies in the faster water. Similar sight fishing to rising fish in the slower water. One cutthroat among the fish caught on the lower section, rest rainbows. ~ Mike Narkewicz -- October 19th, 2014

Fished the upper section in AM and lower in afternoon. Bows all day to 18". Hopper with dropper ( green CJ). About 10 fish in upper section about equal on hopper and dropper. Nice hatch about 10 and fish feeding but hard to match- a couple on small 22 Adams. About 10 bows in lower section about equal on hoppers and bugger. Bows are fat and strong. Two Pike 20" landed and a bruiser guess 30" not landed. Not a fair fight once he decided it was over!!! . ~ Billj -- September 29th, 2014

Fished the upper portion most of the day. All caught on hoppers and bwo dries near banks fishing to rising fish. There was a significant bwo hatch late morning. Well colored browns and rainbows. Overall very nice day. Flows were 35 cfs. ~ Mike Narkewicz -- September 22nd, 2014

Nice day in South Park- some wind later in PM. Fished the upper section. Mostly bows to 18" on hoppers. Several on small WB. Bows are in fine form. 30-40 fish between us. A couple of good looking browns 12-16 inch. ~ BillJ -- September 12th, 2014

The grasses are quite high and green. Warning to those who care: allergens were in the air and the wind blew in my face all day. Consequently, my allergies were acting up big-time. Otherwise it was moderately successful catch and release day for Rainbows and one Brown trout. They hung along the shore line, and seems to prefer dry flies only. Little to no luck with nymphs and emergers. ~ Gene -- September 6th, 2014

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