Arkansas River, Lake Fork A-4

Description: Approximately 3/4 mile of the Lake Fork of the Arkansas River, plus another 3/4 mile on Rock and Willow Creeks. This tailwater of Turquoise Lake averages 25 feet in width and offers one of the most spectacular vistas of all our tracts. Good population of Browns to 18 inches and a few cutthroats over 18 inches. Rock and Willow Creeks are much smaller and offer heavy willow cover and some beaver pond-type water.

Location: This property is located 4 miles SW of Leadville, less than two hours from Denver.

Capacity: Limited to 2 anglers.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

Got on the water around 10am, 21 degrees and breezy. Ice on the guides till noon, when the winds picked up over 20mph. Caught 7 cookie-cutter 16"-17" browns in the morning, took a couple of hours to adapt to the high winds but eventually caught another 3 smaller browns in the afternoon. Caught all on either a pink worm, prince nymph and red & black midges. Never got to throw dry's, hatches all day but the winds kept the fish down and my dry fly tackle in the box. Still beats working. :-) ~ George Schmidt -- April 10th, 2015

I began fishing at around 10:30. The skies were a mix of clouds and sun, and the temperature was around 40. The fishing improved as the temps rose into the lower 50s. I caught and released between 15-20 fish on a mix of midge pupa patterns, woolly buggers, and a few even ate a BH prince nymph. The largest fish was 15". There were still a fair number of fish that were spawning, and a lot of spawning redds were still plainly visible in the gravel beds. The fish were quite spooky, so a stealthy approach was important. This is an interesting, and most often, challenging place to fish. ~ Mike Murphy -- November 2nd, 2014

The day was a mix of clouds and sun, with occasional wind gusts. The predicted high was in the mid-40s, but temperatures rose into the upper-50s. It was beautiful weather for that altitude. The fishing was good. I have to say that the nicer it became as the day wore on, the slower the fishing was. The first few hours saw steady action on midge pupa patterns, and woolly buggers. Once the warmest temps of the day hit, the fish got more sluggish, which I thought was odd. I could not fish it all the way to the top since the livestock had settled into that upper part of the stream quite nicely - both on the banks, and in the river as well. Oh well, with the fresh blanket of snow on all those 14'ers and the beautiful weather, the good quality fishing was a bonus. That valley is breathtaking. ~ Mike Murphy -- October 20th, 2014

Went back for some more action based on the previous weeks trip. Again perfect flow and weather (mostly cloudy, light breeze) along with the caddis storm had me ready for big action but alas the morning was really slow. Beat the water with every standard dropper I had and eventually settled on anything green that would catch the occasional fish. Unlike last week there was little if any rising taking place. Tried a green wooly bugger and caught a couple just before lunch. After lunch tied on a stimy and a green copper john and walked up to the road to fish back to the parking area. Something happened while I was eating lunch and the fish turned on big time. Caught over 20 mostly on the green cj. No rhyme or reason as the weather did not change at all but I was not going to argue. Fish not quite as big as last weeks average but still pretty respectable for this stream based on past years. ~ Mountain Moose -- July 21st, 2014

Had a mostly sunny with a light breeze kind of day with another member in near perfect flow conditions. Purportedly a green drake hatch but all we saw were caddis (by the millions) which hatched all day. Did not seem to matter what was on top (stimy, humpy, elk hair caddis, etc.) as long as you had a standard copper john on the bottom you caught fish. Both rods caught about equal number of very healthy browns on both dry and dropper. Non-stop action from first cast to last cast. Past experience in years past on the this lease provided the 8 - 10 inch browns while this trip they were substantially bigger with shoulders. Glad to see some improvement in the health. ~ Mountain Moose -- July 21st, 2014

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