Description: This creek traverses a mile and a half of willow dotted meadow and has an amazingly varied habitat ideal for trout. A textbook creek with pools, riffles, flats, cutbanks, runs and pocket water. Browns and rainbows from 8 to 12 inches with larger trout in the prime lies. There are also some big pike waiting for your 8-weight and streamers.

Location: A-10 is 4 miles downstream of our A-8 property and approximately 6.5 miles below Tarryall Reservoir or 22.5 miles on CR 77 from Jefferson. From Lake George on CR 77 the property is approximately 25 miles.

Capacity: 3 anglers or 2 groups of 2 each.

To make a reservation call 303-421-6239 or 1-800-524-1814.

Rate Notes:

Adult 1/2 Day
Adult Aftn.
Youth 1/2 Day
Youth Aftn.

Property Log Book Comments

Good day on A10- rain off an on but no wind. No fish really rising all day. About 10 fish - all bows - a little surprising since usually get a few browns. All great fish -nothing under 14"-2 at 17 and a real football 19" (would love to call him 20 but measured him!) 4 fish on hopper and three different copper johns (green, copper and red) only one hit on hopper. Small bugger brought others. Fished the entire length. Also one 20" pike on bugger. Flow good at 60 cfs or so. ~ Billj -- September 11th, 2013

Fished lease from 10am - 5pm. Water was up yet very fishable and easy wading in many spots to cross. Water temp was 58F. Fishing was more difficult than past times on this lease. Fished from the bridge up and landed 12 - 15 fish - most rainbows in the 16 - 18" range with a couple browns thrown in. Tried many nymphs and midges - San Juan worm was the ticket for most fish. ~ Brian -- June 29th, 2013

Two of us fished this in the morning from about 10:00 to 12:30. Water was a little high and off color, but still fishable. Did not have any luck, tried sj worm, prince, and rs-2's. Also, did not see any surface activuty or any hatches. Did notice a few small green midge larvae on the rocks I turned over trying to see what other patterns might work. ~ Jay Hynek -- May 14th, 2013

Great way to spend Father's Day since my son and wife were both working. Fished in the morning in the lower public water up to bridge and landed 7 browns on elk hair caddis and yellow humphey. Saw a 30" fish and another 2 that went between 26-28" ------ they were pike and was able to walk withing 6 feet of them in a deep hole. Fished the afternoon from the bridge to upper property boundary and caught 8-10 bows on copper john - 5 of them 18"+. Had to work the deep holes hard and sneakily to get the big boys to bite. Most of the bows were fat like footballs. Morning started at 48F air temp with 55F water. Afternoon 80F with 68F water. ~ Brian -- June 17th, 2012

Started early and fished late. Stream flow and level much lower then 3 weeks prior. Water level down about a foot which changed the characteristics of the holes where the fish were. Not a single cloud in the sky all day and hot (80+) made for some spooky fish. Fished from the bridge upstream in the am and from the down stream fence boundry up to the bridge in the pm. Large Prince Nymph caught large rainbows while anything small and gray caught browns. Caught one 18" plus 3 lb. rainbow "river monster" and a couple of 15" very healthy specimens as well. Overall haul of about 16 fish between my partner and I evenly divided between morning and afternoon. Surrounding meadows were absolutely full of wild flowers (iris and some columbines) which made for a picture postcard day of fun. ~ Mountain Moose -- June 14th, 2012

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