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Recent Log Entries


Comments on Arkansas River, Lake Fork A-4
Date Fished: 2014-07-20

Went back for some more action based on the previous weeks trip. Again perfect flow and weather (mostly cloudy, light breeze) along with the caddis storm had me ready for big action but alas the morning was really slow. Beat the water with every standard dropper I had and eventually settled on anything green that would catch the occasional fish. Unlike last week there was little if any rising taking place. Tried a green wooly bugger and caught a couple just before lunch. After lunch tied on a stimy and a green copper john and walked up to the road to fish back to the parking area. Something happened while I was eating lunch and the fish turned on big time. Caught over 20 mostly on the green cj. No rhyme or reason as the weather did not change at all but I was not going to argue. Fish not quite as big as last weeks average but still pretty respectable for this stream based on past years. ~ Mountain Moose


Comments on Arkansas River, Lake Fork A-4
Date Fished: 2014-07-13

Had a mostly sunny with a light breeze kind of day with another member in near perfect flow conditions. Purportedly a green drake hatch but all we saw were caddis (by the millions) which hatched all day. Did not seem to matter what was on top (stimy, humpy, elk hair caddis, etc.) as long as you had a standard copper john on the bottom you caught fish. Both rods caught about equal number of very healthy browns on both dry and dropper. Non-stop action from first cast to last cast. Past experience in years past on the this lease provided the 8 - 10 inch browns while this trip they were substantially bigger with shoulders. Glad to see some improvement in the health. ~ Mountain Moose


Comments on Tarryall Creek A-7
Date Fished: 2014-07-13

My friend Ed and I had a stellar day on A-7. We fished from 9:30-4, with no breaks for lunch. The fishing was too good to stop. Weather was perfect - short sleeve weather, not too hot, not too cold. And no rain (though it appeared to have rained a lot in the days preceding our visit)! The mosquitoes, however, were voracious (bring the heavy-duty DEET). I was a little worried as the flows jumped up the day before we got there - went from around 110 to 140. This added a little bit of color to the water, which probably was a good thing. I ended up with 27 fish in the net, including my first ever two-fish-simultaneously-landed-from-a-double-dry-fly-rig. Ed was well into double-digits as well. Fishing seemed to shut down after 3:30. Most fish in the 10-12" range, but they were good fighters. Suggest a lighter weight rod - I was on a 5-wt, but a 3 or 4 would have been plenty. I didn't even bother nymphing - didn't need to. Ed tried for a little bit but found more success on the surface. The big flies were Yellow Sally dry flies (big, like size 10), and Yellow Humpies (again, big - maybe size 12 or 14). Most takes were on the Humpy. Yellow seemed to be the magic color. We spent most of our time on the lower section, below the willows. The willows are fishable but a shorter rod (e.g. 7' or 7.5') would be better. The fish are hanging out where you'd think they are - small pockets, under the cut-banks, and in slow/medium water. Don't spend too long in a hole - usually you get one attempt in each hole. If you miss a take or land a fish, move on to the next hole. Can't wait to fish this property again! ~ Dan C


Comments on Ranch Creek & Ponds C-45
Date Fished: 2014-07-12

Fished from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The previous nights rain bumped the Fraser River up over 100 cfs from the day before. Ranch creek only jumped 2 cfs and was clear. For the first couple of hours there were no bugs to speak of, but about 10 a.m. we started seeing PMDs and a few brown drakes. The fish keyed on the PMDs. We caught fish mostly on s16 parachute PMD and parachute adams. A few on s20 fbpt, san juan worms, and wooly buggers, but over half of the fish were on top. Most fish were in the 12" to 14" range, however we did have a 20", 19", and an 18" fish. The bigger fish were rainbows, most of the smaller fish were browns, with one brookie. We saw a lot of big fish, but for the most part they were very spooky. The key was covering ground. We'd catch 3 or 4 fish in one spot and go an hour without a bite. Beware, black flies are awful. ~ Vic Walker


Comments on South Platte, Middle Fork A-11
Date Fished: 2014-07-14

Another great day on the Middle Fork. Water was high, around 220 CFS, but fairly clear. Fished all day until about 6 pm. Was a 30 plus fish day with two browns over 20" at about 3 lbs and three bows about the same. All fish caught on a Green Pat's Rubber Leggs #10. No hatches to speak of and of course the rain came in the afternoon. ~ Russ Laurier