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Recent Log Entries


Comments on Arkansas River A-3 (Gold Camp)
Date Fished: 2014-09-07

Two of us fished in almost perfect weather conditions with the exception of a couple of passing thunder storms. Not too much sun and the flow reported at 286 with gin-clear water. Fish were tough to come by although we eventually happened on to a grey colored pmd which caught most of the fish. A couple of really healthy browns stretched the tape over 16" but most were between 10" and 13". Two rouge rainbows around 13" but the rest browns. One rod caught about twenty while the other (me) caught maybe a dozen. ~ Mountain Moose


Comments on Tarryall Creek A-8
Date Fished: 2014-09-02

The grasses are quite high and green. Warning to those who care: allergens were in the air and the wind blew in my face all day. Consequently, my allergies were acting up big-time. Otherwise it was moderately successful catch and release day for Rainbows and one Brown trout. They hung along the shore line, and seems to prefer dry flies only. Little to no luck with nymphs and emergers. ~ Gene


Comments on Tarryall Creek A-8
Date Fished: 2014-09-23

It was a pretty good day for catching Rainbows on dry flies. The size of the trout caught ranged from 10" to 16", for the most part. The weather was slightly overcast and the water temp was around 58 degrees F. Will return. ~ Gene


Comments on Fraser River C-43
Date Fished: 2015-09-01

Clear day, 60s. Started at 9 and fished most of the day. Not nearly as good as about a month ago, and the water was 1-2 feet lower, but still managed to nymph up 12-15 fish, and miss a handful more. What we lacked in volume (vs August), we make up for in girth: 4 of the rainbows we caught were 18-20", and strong, stout fish. Most were in quiet water along the banks, not easy to get a fly to. Green cjs, bhpt fb, and caddis nymphs were the winners. Very few risers. Frankly, it was a bit bewildering that there weren't more fish active. Water was cold enuf, the runs were still deep, and since I landed nearly 50 there just a month ago, I know they are around! ~ Steve Fitzgerald


Comments on Shawnee Lake A-5
Date Fished: 1970-01-01

On the water in my Fish Cat by 7:15 am. Chilly 42 degrees and water temp of 59 degrees. Clear skies and water like glass. Caught two 14" rainbows with a small midge and also a black wooly bugger. The day warmed up quickly and at 9:30 a persistent breeze created the perfect little riffle and terrestrials started to drop onto the water. I changed to a stimulator followed by a #14 flying ant. Holy cow! Only netted 10 more fish, but they averaged 18" with the largest at 22". Lost one after a 5 minute drag around the lake that probably went 24" and over 4 pounds. Fished by myself, but pretty sure the folks at the next door ranch heard me laughing all day. Off the water and on my way home by 2:30. Fun, fun day! ~ Steve Batch