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Recent Log Entries


Comments on Tarryall Creek A-8
Date Fished: 2015-04-28

After reading the comments, I hoped to catch large numbers of small fish. Just the opposite happened. I started with a bow on a pink worm just below the upper fence crossing. I worked my way upstream spooking bows until I saw one hugging the far bank. He was caught on the second or third cast with a small (#18) hares ear. Further upstream I found a nice hole with 6+ bows stacked up. Nothing I had worked (I'd somehow forgotten my RS2 box). I then drove to the lower parking area and caught two nice bows hugging the bank on a funny little fly called a Red Headed Stepchild. I'd have stuck around but weather was threatening so I went to the car for lunch. I went back at the upper area with my RS2 box and caught two of the stacked up trout on a black #18. I had a number of hits on a Yong OJ (#20) too and some hookups but none landed. Further upstream a bow tried to eat my indicator so I changed to an Amy's Ant (#12). I got some looks and one vigorous strike but didn't hook up. A bit further upstream I got hits and one hookup on small baetis flies but, again, they all shook off. Over all, a fun, exciting day and all my 4 wt could handle. Next time I'll take the 5 wt. ~ Larry G


Comments on Tarryall Creek A-8
Date Fished: 2015-04-25

Sunny, mostly clear day with a few intermittent clouds. Good numbers of 15-18" rainbows with no browns caught. The river has NO COVER and the fish spook easily. Be careful with your casts or the fish go running. Will need to sneak up on the good bends and runs - as soon as you see the fish they've already seen you! Best way is to stealth it from below the run with a long leader (9' + 18" tippett and 12" dropper). We used weighted fly as primary - did not use additional weight as the river meanders and has fairly slow current. Used black leach and Pink San Juan Worm in the AM - most fish nailed the Pink SJW. In the PM switched to a green caddis emerger as primary with Pink SJW as dropper - lots of hits on both flies. Consistent fishing all day. Good water and nice looking fat tail water trout! ~ Brown Trout Blake


Date Fished: 2015-04-26

Snowy day (all day) with some nice fish. Consistent bite on pink San Juan Worn and a few on a Black Leach. Not many fish per run/pool but those that are there are good size. Average is about 18". One large fish caught in a deep pool. Fish seemed to avoid the riffles - maybe cold water temp. Look for the long deep slower runs, cut banks and the willow sweepers - very productive. Easy access and a very beautiful stretch of water. ~ Brown Trout Blake


Comments on Ranch Creek & Ponds C-45
Date Fished: 2015-04-26

We (Ryan and I) arrived around 9am to light snow and rain. As the day progressed the amount of moisture continued to increase as did the winds. The flows were normal, little discolor in water. We started at the upper end of property and worked our way down to the ponds. Pretty quick we were into small 6”-8” brookies and 12” browns. Nice steps and pools with good runs. There was a small but constant hatch all day of BWO’s so could see many fish thru out the day rising for emergers, etc. Rigs were weight at leader/tippet, san juan worms (Pink/Red), hackled nymphs(Hairs Ear/Princes/etc.) and point fly typically 20/22 midges (black). Caught ~12 fish between us. Had lunch at the ponds, by now the winds were up pretty good. For the ponds we put on streamers, yellow and olive seemed to work best. Caught (5) 6” brookies, one 12” brookie, one nice 18”+ Rainbow. We had a brief respite from the winds and I immediately slapped on my stimmy and 22 black BWO… Casted the drys to the few risers and caught another 4 little brookies. With all the weather… Still beets working. ~ George Schmidt


Comments on Empire Lake A-18
Date Fished: 2015-04-10

Fished with my daughter and had a wonderful day. We used our float tubes, water was clear and cold, weather overcast and mid 40's, breezy at times. Fish were very cooperative, showing a preference for a small dark streamers with a bead head Prince dropper. No surface action observed. They were hugging the banks near the willows most of the day, and we each landed several fish over 20". I caught my personal best 17" brookie, and the rainbows/steelheads were very acrobatic. My daugher landed a beautiful 22" brown. Great way to start off the season, bring a big net and strong tippet. ~ AndyD