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Recent Log Entries


Comments on Yampa River Below Catamount C-57
Date Fished: 2014-08-21

My fishing buddy John and I arrived at the property around 8:30am in the morning. Beautiful blue sky and about 50 degrees. Heavy rain from the day before pushed the water to almost 300cfs. It was 150cfs just a few days earlier. Water color was perfect, 54 degrees. We decided to try large streamers in natural colors: black, brown, olive. We worked our way up to the upper end of the property in the morning and netted a half dozen large fish. Around 10am we witnessed a thick trico hatch but no fish came to the surface. Lunch brought about a lull we had been warned about. Sadly it persisted well through the middle of the afternoon. We finally had a little action later in the afternoon as a small caddis hatch came about and caught a few fish on top. This property is truly exceptional as it is pristine. The river is essentially fenced in so that no cattle can access it. Shoreline is intact with tall grass and abundant insects and frogs. Fish are not numerous but exceptionally large. Fantastic day on the river! ~ Fabrice


Comments on North Fork of the North Platte - Upper Ranch C-62
Date Fished: 2014-08-20

Arrived at 8:30 a.m. on a cloudy rainy summer day. Temp was about 55 and water temp was about 52. I expected to see fish feeding with the cloud cover, however that was not the case. The river was completely dead. I worked hard and didn't catch my first fish until around noon. It was a 12" brown on a pink san juan worm. Fished for over an hour without so much as a strike. Tried many different combinations. Finally switched to a streamer, and turned a couple of fish, so I stuck with it. I fished pretty much the entire river and quit at 5 pm. Total on the day was 9 fish, most in the 10" to 14" range. Largest fish was a 16" rainbow. Lost a few others but overall a pretty poor day for this property. ~ Vic Walker


Comments on Empire Lake A-18
Date Fished: 2014-08-17

The two of us arrived at the lake around 8am. We brought two 8ft pontoon boats in our trailer. There is a nice big parking area with a table that accommodated the trailer and truck well. After a few minutes of searching around we found a little hole in the bushes we could push the boats through. As we were pushing in we saw quite a few large cruisers and lots of surface action. The surface action stopped as we floated in. I started out with a #16 yellow stimi with a olive chironomid dropper and buddy was using a #16 olive elk caddis with the same dropper. We both hooked some nice 16 & 18 inchers right away. Then a little later one more each and that was it. So, change up time. I put on a blue #10 damsel and buddy a #14 olive mini leach - one more each....then nothing. Change up time. They were rising again so I went to a #20 BWO parachute and buddy a #22 BWO emerger 3 or 4 each and then nothing. It went like that the whole day. Caught one or two on each fly in the box. The denials started to get humorous. Fish would come and look and then their buddies would come look and turn away. "does that look real to you Phil ? I don't think so Hank...I'm hungry but I aint that hungry.." To many denials to count. All in all we caught about 10-12 quality fish each, but we sure had to work for em ! It was fun and a good way to spend a Sunday....we both left with big smiles. ~ Johnnyb303


Comments on Middle Michigan Creek A-12
Date Fished: 2014-08-17

Two of us fished this property - me for the first time and my partner for the second in 20 years. Fishes very similar to A 14 both in approach and methodology. Flow was absolutely perfect. Great, calm morning weather was replaced with gusty, windy scattered rain showers in the afternoon. Occasional bug hatches over the course of the day with the favorite appearing to be big PMD's around noon. We each caught around 30 browns most in the 7' to 9" range although we each caught a number of fish between 14" and 16" after lunch. All were very healthy. Dry / dropper rig of choice seemed to be that big PMD with a green copper john dropper. Caught fish equally between the two. We had a few other sporadic takes but the two mentioned above caught the bulk of the fish. ~ Mountain Moose


Comments on Tarryall Creek A-8
Date Fished: 2014-08-13

We had a great day fishing A-8. The weather was perfect and the fish cooperated. Caught a few 12" rainbows on emergers in the deep water. As the day went on numerous fish were rising and eager to take dry flies with an emerger dropper. Caught a few over 16" which is great for this little stream. The river was crystal clear and starting to get warm when we left in the afternoon. All in all a great day, we'll be back. ~ T