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Recent Log Entries


Comments on Tarryall Creek A-8
Date Fished: 1970-01-01

Beautiful day in the Tarryall Valley. Fished the upper section all day. Caught a few nice Bows on black buggers. Switched to dries when fish started rising. Hooked and landed a half dozen fish over 16" on size 16 ant, and #22 para. BWO. Stalked these fish, and got into position on my knees in the tall grass. If you can get a drag free drift the fish will eat. Finished the day with a 20" Rainbow that was sipping duns in a back eddy. could only get a 6" drag free drift, and that was enough. This fish jumped 4 times, and I was pleased to get him landed. River flow was great. Awesome day. ~ buggermp38


Comments on Lower Michigan Creek A-14
Date Fished: 2014-08-23

Fished this beautiful little creek with my 9 yr old son. Read some of the reports and it seemed like a good place to take a young angler. We got to the property early am with cloud cover. We fished up stream back to the parking lot, then almost all the way down to the properties lower boundary. The stream was clear and flows were good. The fishing was very slow. In fact we only caught one fish. We fished every type of attractor in the box, humpy's, stimmys, hoppers, caddis, and had a nymph rod setup with man varieties of standard mayfly nymphs and even threw a SJ worm. We took our time and stayed low as there is little cover. (i fished here for my sons benefit to have less to snag on). It's a wonderful meadow stream, we just didn't see many fish. Had a shot at a small rising fish (small olives) then the skies opened and we decided to call it a day. There was another member fishing too, perhaps he had a different experience. ~ Bonefishbill


Comments on Little Laramie River and Brown's Creek D-70
Date Fished: 2014-08-24

Awful. Not a single trout spotted from 9-3 (with a long lunch, because, why not). Water not too warm, flows decent, but all we saw and caught were what looked like little mountain whitefish (which are pretty abundant). I've fished this property before, and the usual holes were completely empty (some of which I could validate visually). Not even browns against the banks (we tried flushing a few cutbanks....nothing there). ~ Steve Fitzgerald


Comments on Ranch Creek & Ponds C-45
Date Fished: 2014-08-24

Beautiful day, took my adult children. Stayed on the stream at the ranch -- upstream half in the morning, downstream after lunch. There was someone not in our group fishing the pond (!!). Streamflow ideal. Son and I caught about 25 each, missed at least as many as we caught. Our other less experienced anglers each caught a few. Best action on Royal Wolfe, Parachute Adams and small nymphs -- #18 green Copper John, pheasant tail, hare's ear. Grasshoppers didn't generate much. Huge wind for about 45 minutes in the afternoon made casting impossible, but after that was lovely. Everything slowed down about 530. Beaver dams have moved around a bit since last time I was here. Most of the action was in the riffles. ~ Jeff Downing


Comments on Saguache Creek B-32
Date Fished: 1970-01-01

Awesome property. River flowing about 60 cfs. I would say perfect. Good population of wild brown trout. The average was about 12"-13" healthy. Caught around 15 the biggest a chunky 16" Rainbow and a 17" Brown.The Rainbow was much heavierbigger than the Brown. Landed 3 Nice Rainbows 2-14" and above mentioned 16". The Rainbows were extremely fat and beautiful. Hoppers on the banks. Buggers in the holes. ~ shawn arrington